Part 2 Reflection Journal

by Dolly

Expectation for future

I plan to study costume design in the coming years. As my works are all very experimental, so I’m not satisfied in just making normal ready-to-wear clothes. I chose to study costume is because I could have the chance to make clothes for, e.g. a play, a music video ,a film, etc.


My strength is doing research as I can do the brain storm and using associated words to search for pictures, places and bibliographies. I’m also good at drawing and painting in a expressive way and I’m quite confident in control the pages of sketchbook.


I’m expecting to working in LCF lime grove campus’s 3D work shop, experimenting some high-tech elements in costume making, and also learning the making of traditional costume systematically .I hope it will be technicians to help us making our expecting things come true. And I also expect the working experience with people from different pathways.


For the expect of the coming course in Archway, I would like to read and learn by myself more fundamental skills of drawing costume figure (the movements and body parts ),and also the making of costumes. I’m looking forward to study the making of masks and other accessories of costume, and thinking about combing it with an performance art.


I think what I need do improve is the time management while doing projects. And I need to do more experiences and read more books to enhance my quality of being a costume designer . I also need to accumulate more knowledge about both the history of costume and the contemporary application with technology to costume making.


Skills I have myself during this period


I’ve learnt about making use of the resources from the library and Internet, corporating and negotiating with people ,asking tutor’s suggestions. I also learnt about some particularly drawing skills like drawing figures with blocks of colours and then apply details on it and changing materials constantly to complete a fashion figure.



What have I learnt in Part 2 times?


During my foundation course , we are suggested to do as much research as possible. I got in touch with the CSM librarian ,learnt to find writers and certain kinds of books from reference numbers. As every idea is coming for a reason, and I need to find inspiration via specific bibliographies . In the textile project I looked for the books about different technique and ways of manufacture materials like metals and fabric. We also did research by visiting the museum, e.g. the exhibition of Matisse in Tate modern museum. On the Brighton Rockers project we visited Brighton and had a great experienced via develop ideas ofBrightonpurely based on our own interests, and doing sketches. I also searched the internet for the pictures reference of the 1960s mod’s style. The tutors’ suggestions are helpful too. During the co-create project John encouraged us to adding collages to the costume and supported the idea of taking a video .He also suggested us to put the teared trash from costume together as a fine art piece which made me and my partner feeling clearer and more confident about what we were doing.


Week 6

The co-create project is the most successful project for me. As most of our projects are one-week period and if the time management is lacked, the project can’t be done properly. We have two people doing this project so based on out common interests in taking video we actually tried an extremely new media to record the process and as a final outcome. We both agreed that negotiation is important during this project .     The abandon of some ideas based on the limited time is vital as well. Both of me and my partener were illed last week and we actually only have three days to do out work together .But finally based on the clear logical process we figured out and tacit agreements and the never give up spirit we finally find outcome of costume looks great which gave us more confidence doing the following works.


Week 5

I was facinating about the 1960w fashion.I took some photos of the vintage shops and did somr research about peoples's dressing habbit in that time .I chosed my theme as psychedelic because that I found the the untraditional way of the photographer 's interprete of Brighton's Royal Pavilion in a colourful, twisted and futuristic way.So I decided to comebine the 1960s element with the psychedelic feelings .

The problems I’ve faced on was the time management and making ideas specific and realistic. During theBrightonrockers’ project, though I did lots of research, I finally found my time was running out to finish the final outcome. 


Week 4

This week we were drawing our classmates into fashion figures with different ways and materials combined.The outcome is unexpected,strong and beautiful,and it's quite me.I've learnt a lot based on what we have done today,knowing drawing figure doesn't have to be perfect but to show a totally your unique style.People see things in different ways, so even we are aske to use similiar skills but we all developed different things.So it's not hard to find my style I think ,and I'm intended to do more practice at home for drawing details of human's body,to inhence my drawing speed and accuracy. I did collage quickly,capture the sihouette of human body and clothes and transfered them from small to big scales. The use of muslin tape to sticking pieces of paper is very rough but quick that can helping noting ideas quickly.Doing this kind of collage can help me decide and explore more textile and patterns,even design ideas.Well done Dolly!


Week 3

A visit to Tate Modern Museum Today we went to the Tate Modern Museum for Matisse's exhibition. Martisse was initially inspired by the form of yhr underwater creatures and then he cut the shapes of them and pasted directly on the wall. The creatures are simplified based on their sihouettes. The repeated of simple paper cuts and the colours makes the wall flowery . I also learnt from the way he devide one objects to different colours and the frame making. Sometimes he just overlapping the pattern on the frame (covering it) or out of it.


Week 2

In the exploring Archway project we did the research of the history and the contemporary look og the place we were studing-Archway.We went out for live drawing and learnt about the very quick way o fdrawing that capture the movement of people in one second that need you to be reallly concentrate and kind of memerise the moment.We also asked to try different materials in the same time we drew,and we can draw sketches in a very free and losse way.During the crist my classmate left notes saying I'm good at using hightlight and tone, and my drawing style was quite free too. I need to practice more about this kind of live drawing which is quite helpful for the primary research in the future's project.


Week 1

Initially I just make use of sugars to take some colourful photos,and then I found it's interesting to combing my nails's colour with scene.

Then I used sugar to make a necklace which is of vintage look.I'm fasinating vintage and colourful stuff,and also havethe feeling of not willing to grow up.The necklace made of sugar showed this character of me. Also ,the small tomatos show the childish ans lovely and gentle personalities of me.But sometimes they are with sharp needles on -which means I also have a despair side and feelings of anger,panic,etc.



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